25mm Horses for Hittite Chariots 1/72 Plastic

This is a milestone in project land!  I’ve been working on these off and on for a couple months.  Probably a couple hours total on each horse spread out over weeks!

These will pull 4 Light Chariots from the Hittite box, 1/72 Caesar miniatures.

I quite like how they turned out.  Research shows this horse armor is primitive bronze scale armor over cloth, but the jury is out as far as colors.  One camp says the ancients were savvy and found may ways to dye cloth many colors but undocumented, while others insist the ancient color pallet was severely limited.  Well, given artistic license and evidence that the Egyptians were quite colorful in architecture and dress, I went with a semi random mix of colors that should pop without being to busy.  There is no proof that the ancients had any fashion sense, btw lol

For the armor, I went with Vallejo Bright Bronze base coat, let that totally dry, then hit it with Liquitex High Gloss Varnish, let that totally dry, then did an Oil Wash.  Oil Wash is better than acrylic paint wash in that it is more intense.  The black oil paint, thinned with odorless mineral spirits, really leaps into the crevices where it belongs, and screams away from higher elevations.  And because of the Varnish, there is less ‘coffee staining’ and the overall result is less dark.  It takes a couple days to dry though.  You can even wipe off excess to increase the shine.  TRY IT!  Just google Oil Wash Miniatures




Hordes of Evil HoTT Things

Future project!

I was digging through some old Pb trying to free up space, and I stumbled upon about 200 figures of fantasy evil troops in 15 – 18mm scale! What rules would be good for this? How should I base them?

They have goblin crossbowmen on worgs (how cool is that) and orc scimitarmen on dire wolves for ‘mounted troops’, a few goblin archers, plenty of banners and drummers, no Command stand that I can see, but LOTS of heavy and light infantry, skeletal / goblin / orc mix.  I also just found a painted unbased goblin ballista crew and 2 painted and based goblin chariots pulled by lizardmen slaves, left to me by a friend from long ago.



HoTT = Hordes of The Things

So I was compelled to clear out some space for my Pantheon, so I had to clear out this one box labeled “Random Pb” from the 80’s. “Pb” is the element symbol for lead, as in the tin/lead alloy the minis are made of.  In it is enough Pb for 2 complete (and opposing) 25mm HoTT armies. HoTT = Hordes of The Things, a DBx type game.  I stripped away the old Grenadier and Ral Partha packaging, which was yellowing and disintegrating from age anyway, and taking up lots of space. The miniatures were well oxidized but after cleanup they are something to look at. I based up these as “Armored Veteran Adventurers” that fight as Blade for one faction, the “League of Adventurers”, or “LoA”. The LoA army has elements of Blade, Paladin, Wizard, Cleric, Sneakers, one unit of Riders (Centaur skirmish cavalry), up to two elements of mercenary Spear, and up to 2 Shooters. They have options for a Dragon, and / or a Behemoth (Subdued Chimera). Not sure if I can find / cobble in any Knights yet…

The opposing Faction will have various Demons, some fighting as Warbands, Lukers, some Undead including a Bolt Shooter, evil Wizard, evil or undead Dragon, ratmen, and I think some ogres, troll types, several choices for Behemoths, and some corrupted Barbarians fighting as Blades for game balance. This will be the “Dungeon Master’s Spawn” faction, or “DMS”. Pretty cool find – added new toys that might possibly get used in an actual game AND cleared out some space!

Ah yes.  HoTT.  The Retirement Home for unused, dust collecting D&D miniatures…

DBMM @ PoP 4-14-18

Well that could have gone better. I forgot to pick up a buddy so had to run back. Then, it was No Battle Mat, No Battle so I had to run back home to get that. It was worth it though, we staged a fine DBMM battle. Slightly cobbled on the Terrain List (kinda from memory) but otherwise good execution. My cheat sheets with the highlighted Grading Factors really helped.

Sassanids deployed first and the Romans lined up their fine light cav against the fearsome Asavaran and were decimated on the left flank. The middle held and solidified by elephantry. On the right flank, the Roman knights threatened to breach the line but then Roman dice abandoned all hope for them! The hordes, light infantry and light cav all held and Romans chose to withdraw to fight another day!


Spartans Finally Done!

Fantastical Spartans finally done! I tried out 3 different methods on the 3 cloaks, they came out nice but meh and I learned from them and am moving on. I tried NMM on the swords and failed, so I went back to my trusty Vallejo Bright Bronze, same bottle I’ve used on ancient weapons and armor from the very beginning. BUT, I do have some new metallic alchemy on the way, so a LOT more experiments lined up. The basing is my take on what would be left of Sparta after the Fall of Olympus – shattered burned gravel and some scraggly weeds, unnaturally going ghostly white. Heh.

s (3)

Spartans painted!

These guys just need basing, a magnet, and dull coating.  Hopefully totally done tonight.  Another small step for progress on the Mythic Battles: Pantheon painting project!

The cloaks are meh, but I learned from them.  The flesh tones look pretty good at a distance, made an improvement there.  I tried and failed to do NMM on their swords, so went back to my Vallejo Bright Bronze and did some top highlighting with Silver, darkened the other side with (homemade) Nuln Oil, and result is not bad.  I was able to sneak into their helmets and give them red eyes!


Gradients looking better!

Another WIP pic. I am feeling good about and seeing some pretty nice gradients on these cloaks, about about 6 or 7 passes with an airbrush, very light coats over Zenithal priming. The key is the get the Zenithal highlighting just right because the thin blue paint failed pathetically at trying to cover black priming.