Spartans Finally Done!

Fantastical Spartans finally done! I tried out 3 different methods on the 3 cloaks, they came out nice but meh and I learned from them and am moving on. I tried NMM on the swords and failed, so I went back to my trusty Vallejo Bright Bronze, same bottle I’ve used on ancient weapons and armor from the very beginning. BUT, I do have some new metallic alchemy on the way, so a LOT more experiments lined up. The basing is my take on what would be left of Sparta after the Fall of Olympus – shattered burned gravel and some scraggly weeds, unnaturally going ghostly white. Heh.

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  1. Nice i like the sheild on the right, but the sword on the left! If you just do a little more metal on the edge of the sword the rust would pop better! But other than that very nice!


    • Yes but which metal? I have been using the same old bottle of Vallejo Bright Bronze since the 80’s. The photo partially reveals that I was experimenting – trying different techniques on each cloak and sword. The flesh tones are pretty consistent because I used that 1-2-3 flesh kit I bought at GK – the one you recommended. It works great!

      So, I tried NMM on the swords, that failed badly, I could not get a good gradient from black to white. So I went back to the Bright Bronze, but it was so flat and base-coat-looking. So I experimented with slashing some Nuln Oil around, and the left one it was a little heavy. The one on the right is my favorite – I drybrushed some Silver over the Bronze to add some pop.

      Since this job I have ordered some other metallic paints that are on the way. I am trying Vallejo Air Metallics next, and have some Scale 75 paints on the way from Spain. Those are supposed to be the BEST, so I am eager to try them!!!


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