DBMM @ PoP 4-14-18

Well that could have gone better. I forgot to pick up a buddy so had to run back. Then, it was No Battle Mat, No Battle so I had to run back home to get that. It was worth it though, we staged a fine DBMM battle. Slightly cobbled on the Terrain List (kinda from memory) but otherwise good execution. My cheat sheets with the highlighted Grading Factors really helped.

Sassanids deployed first and the Romans lined up their fine light cav against the fearsome Asavaran and were decimated on the left flank. The middle held and solidified by elephantry. On the right flank, the Roman knights threatened to breach the line but then Roman dice abandoned all hope for them! The hordes, light infantry and light cav all held and Romans chose to withdraw to fight another day!



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