HoTT = Hordes of The Things

So I was compelled to clear out some space for my Pantheon, so I had to clear out this one box labeled “Random Pb” from the 80’s. “Pb” is the element symbol for lead, as in the tin/lead alloy the minis are made of.  In it is enough Pb for 2 complete (and opposing) 25mm HoTT armies. HoTT = Hordes of The Things, a DBx type game.  I stripped away the old Grenadier and Ral Partha packaging, which was yellowing and disintegrating from age anyway, and taking up lots of space. The miniatures were well oxidized but after cleanup they are something to look at. I based up these as “Armored Veteran Adventurers” that fight as Blade for one faction, the “League of Adventurers”, or “LoA”. The LoA army has elements of Blade, Paladin, Wizard, Cleric, Sneakers, one unit of Riders (Centaur skirmish cavalry), up to two elements of mercenary Spear, and up to 2 Shooters. They have options for a Dragon, and / or a Behemoth (Subdued Chimera). Not sure if I can find / cobble in any Knights yet…

The opposing Faction will have various Demons, some fighting as Warbands, Lukers, some Undead including a Bolt Shooter, evil Wizard, evil or undead Dragon, ratmen, and I think some ogres, troll types, several choices for Behemoths, and some corrupted Barbarians fighting as Blades for game balance. This will be the “Dungeon Master’s Spawn” faction, or “DMS”. Pretty cool find – added new toys that might possibly get used in an actual game AND cleared out some space!

Ah yes.  HoTT.  The Retirement Home for unused, dust collecting D&D miniatures…


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