25mm Horses for Hittite Chariots 1/72 Plastic

This is a milestone in project land!  I’ve been working on these off and on for a couple months.  Probably a couple hours total on each horse spread out over weeks!

These will pull 4 Light Chariots from the Hittite box, 1/72 Caesar miniatures.

I quite like how they turned out.  Research shows this horse armor is primitive bronze scale armor over cloth, but the jury is out as far as colors.  One camp says the ancients were savvy and found may ways to dye cloth many colors but undocumented, while others insist the ancient color pallet was severely limited.  Well, given artistic license and evidence that the Egyptians were quite colorful in architecture and dress, I went with a semi random mix of colors that should pop without being to busy.  There is no proof that the ancients had any fashion sense, btw lol

For the armor, I went with Vallejo Bright Bronze base coat, let that totally dry, then hit it with Liquitex High Gloss Varnish, let that totally dry, then did an Oil Wash.  Oil Wash is better than acrylic paint wash in that it is more intense.  The black oil paint, thinned with odorless mineral spirits, really leaps into the crevices where it belongs, and screams away from higher elevations.  And because of the Varnish, there is less ‘coffee staining’ and the overall result is less dark.  It takes a couple days to dry though.  You can even wipe off excess to increase the shine.  TRY IT!  Just google Oil Wash Miniatures





  1. They’ve turned out really nicely and it’ll be good to see them once united with their chariots. It’s been awhile since I’ve used an oil wash on anything. it’s partially the drying time but mostly the preparation and cleanup needing to be entirely separate things I think that puts me off. I’ve used the gloss wash method instead, even though it doesn’t quite have the depth and subtlety that using real oils can have.

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