Memory Lane: mid-70’s D&D Miniatures to be re-purposed!

Wah. Shed a tear for my old buddy Will today, who passed away a few years ago, and left me all his hobby stuff. I’ve been digging through all that old stuff, organizing to clear space, moving from baggies to Plano boxes, when I happened on a bag Will had labeled “OLD SKOOL 25mm”. In there I found the very first D&D miniatures we had played with when first playing and learning the game around 1978, when I was High School Freshman.  My mom introduced me to Will from our church group, but we preferred gaming over Bible study.  Included is my very first character, a ‘cleric with mace’ in the front left, that Will assigned to me for my very first game. Will’s first character, the painted hero, is front right. Following up are my first fighter character miniature, chainmail dude with spear, along with other miniatures Will’s friends played with during our early games. They appear to be from an ancient Ral Partha set of adventurers or some such, circa 1976. If any ring any bells, please post up!  There are two different mages, an elf archer, etc. Also in this lot are the first monsters I ever fought against, a ‘wearbear with axe’ and a mummy. Also are two handfuls of what I would describe as ‘well equipped townsfolk’, all with travel packs and provisions. Also is a rare Fire Elemental that I put in Simple Green soak for a couple weeks. I will practice a Fire Paint Job on it in prep for my painting of the Phoenix in the Mythic Battles Pantheon.  Of course all these minis played many different roles through the ages, conventions, and campaigns. And, I found Will’s old original dice bag. All the dice we used in our early games are here…

All these minis will be re-purposed into HoTT army elements.  Mostly Hordes, I think.

Ah HoTT, the retirement home for miniatures that would otherwise be ghosted forever…


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