Back to the Brush! Fire Elemental, Grenadier, circa 1975, Restoration

Minor post today, it’s my Birthday!  So I took the day off, did some chores and family time, and of course some hobby stuff!  I had a great time at the Kublacon Game Convention in Burlingame, CA, and came home tired.  Took about 3 weeks off painting, so now I’m feeling the pull to get back to work!  I thought I would ease back in with something simple.  My old friend Will, who passed away some years ago, left me a bunch of hobby stuff and I have been slowly going through it, sprucing up, salvaging, and sometimes discarding or giving away stuff.  In that bag labeled “OLD SKOOL 25mm” I found this old blob of Pb.  It was in bad shape, overly-coated in heavy lacquer primer and who-knows-what ancient paints, super hard, ugly and beat up with age.

I could have just pounded it into a fishing weight, but hey – I need practice on painting “fiery things”.  In my Mythic Battles: Pantheon collection, I have a Phoenix that begs for an awesome flames paint job, so I thought I would practice on this!

I soaked it in Simple Green for 3 weeks!  99% of the ancient paint just lifted right off and I took a dental pick and dug out the rest.  I then epoxied the blob to a 40mm square base (good for Hordes of The Things – I mean, WHAT ELSE can I base this guy for?!?!?) and built up more ‘flames’ around it with Green Stuff.  This is my first attempt at using Green Stuff for some free-form sculpting and this was an easy thing to try.  I think it came out ok – perhaps my ‘flames’ have more detail that the flames on the actual model – but maybe that will work out for the best.

After curing, I will prime this guy white and start following the tutorial for painting flames…




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