Bye bye and Rest in Peace sweet sweet Bobby Bird :(

Our last moments with our dear pet Bobby Redsocks, dearly loved for almost 37 years.

She was the perfect pet bird, never had any issues, chewed only on her designated chew toys, always sweet and cuddly. Never needed to see a vet! She was my support animal for many hours over the years during dark times, and my sweet joyful playful buddy during the good times. We miss her very much.

She passed away peacefully and without pain or discomfort, warm in my hands, about 4am this morning. Day before yesterday she was totally fine, every morning as usual we cuddle and in the evening we cuddle and she lets me preen her spikey feathers around her little head. All that day was fine and we chatted and played as usual.

But the yesterday morning, my heart dropped when I realized she was struggling to get up to meet me for the morning cuddle. I shortly realized she had lost all movement in her right leg and it had gone some stiff.

She gradually declined all day yesterday, ate half a grape and some seed. She couldn’t eat anything that needed to be held by one of her feet. She could not access her water dish so I offered by hand several times that day and she drank each time. The last drink was about 10:30pm and after taking the biggest drink I ever saw her take, she had extreme difficulty staying on her perch, and wanted to stumble down into the nice soft nest of shredded newspaper I made just in case she fell during the night, and she could maybe stay warm there.


But it did not feel right at all to leave her on the cage floor, so I kept her in my hands all night until she passed at about 4am this morning.

These last few pics are the of her while she was still with us.  The sun was going down and I put her in the pretty sunlight of her last day for these last pics.  😦  Still playful and cuddly to the last – even though it was clear she understood it was her time.  😦

She was very comfy and warm and chirped her last chirps and said her goodbyes to me, my wife and son. Such a graceful exit. We love you sweet pretty Bobby bird, enjoy eternity over the Rainbow Bridge, and look for me when it’s my time.


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